Is AI going to replace photojournalists?

The simple answer is No. Here is why.
Photojournalists are the boots on the ground.
Photos need to be taken with composition in mind
and organized to tell a story. Photos, writing, and film production
need to have original content to be timely. Covering
events at the moment. Current events. A doorbell
cam is not going to give you the high-end result a professional
photojournalist will produce.

Each of these areas requires apersonal pressence
to make the conection and be at the right place at the right time.

Breaking News Photojournalism


Historical Documentation

Historical Portrait Photojournalism

News General Photojournalism

Sports Photography

AI may well aid the field in Photojournalism by creating even more work for the
Photojournalist. AI has been used for years for Correcting spelling and gramer.
It has been used to offer alternate words in a text. Nothing new in the last
10 or more years.

Will the future change as AI evolves? Mabey, but who better to cover the story
than a Freelance Photojournalist.